paper trail interview series

the paper trail interview series was launched in january 2006, in conjunction with my now-defunct (as of january 2010) zine distro, learning to leave a paper trail. i came up with a fairly wide-ranging set of ten basic questions about zine creation, zine culture, the creative process, history, advice, & philosophies, & started sending the questions around the zinesters i worked with through the distro. they answered & i posted their thoughts on the distro website.

when i started the interview series, i expected that most folks felt the same way i did about most zine-related things, but the interview responses i got back opened my eyes. i was surprised & impressed with the scope & variety of answers, & it was fascinating to learn about other zinesters’ creative routines & hear their thoughts about zine culture & community. the interviews were popular with folks who ordered from me, & with zinesters that answered the questions. some zinesters used the interviews they did for other projects, in zines, books, & expanded CVs. when i closed down the distro, a lot of people asked what would happen to the interviews. i decided to post the archives here, & to continue sending the interview questions around to zinesters i know.

interviews will be posted on mondays & wednesdays (assuming i can stick to the schedule). when i post an old interview from the archives (i have several dozen), i’ll make a note of its original debut. if any zinesters reading this want to do an interview, drop me a line or a comment.

3 responses to “paper trail interview series

  1. Saw this last night, read many this morning. Actually, I would love to have my very own zinester interview added to the list, if you please.

  2. Hi Ciara,

    I’m writing a dissertation about zines and teaching, and I would love to quote from some of the responses to your question about why the zinesters continue to make paper zines in the interview series. Can I email you the paragraph for you to read and see if you’re ok with it?


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